Saturday, 6 September 2014

Waipu Pizza Barn - a great family restaurant

If you've ever been to a great eating place you'll know what I"m raving on about. We don't often go to this place but when we do the Waipu Pizza Barn is one of the best places to visit. They are a Scottish themed pizza making family restaurant who make the bestest food ever. 

We had arranged with my cousins up north to get together for my mother and her twin sister's birthday for lunch. Since I'm gluten intolerant it's sometimes hard to find gluten free food but thankfully we were able to order pizzas that we were okay with. Mine was called a Wharfinger and the topping was sweet chilly sauce, prawns, avocado and feta cheese - very very yummy!

My 3 teens love this place, 2 of them were at high school so I ordered some takeout food for them but my oldest who is 19 years old came along. As you can see below there's a shot of hm and I after we'd had lunch.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Mine is going to involve making another cheesecake for my dad for father's day then lots of relaxing, reading and hoping we have some fine weather. Enjoy!


Felicia said...

it looks pretty good....except maybe for the green

I thought you were going to say this was your son and daughter. Wow you look too young to have a 19 year old.

Amy said...

hi Felicia, you just made my day :-)

Unknown said...

I didnt know you are gluten intolerant

thats one busy pizza :)

Amy said...

yep sure am Jen. I've been allergic to wheat since I was a child when I was allergy tested. but oh the pizza was sooo good :-)

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