Friday, 1 August 2014

Life in a small town - what we do and don't have

So if you didn't know, I grew up in the big city of Auckland and in 1996 we moved up to this small seaside town on the east coast of Northern NZ. At first it was very strange finding out that the shops close at 6pm but over time I've learned that there are more pros than cons:

  • I get to see amazing scenery like this every day as we live literally 5 mins from the beach.
  • We don't have nosey neighbours right next door to us peering in through our windows.
  • There's a community spirit here where everyone looks out for everyone else.
  • The supermarket is only 40 mins away but we have lots of local farms and a market each week where we can buy fresh produce especially free range eggs.
  • Our version of a traffic jam is being stuck behind a farm tractor on the main road.
  • When I drive to work each morning I pass farms, countryside and get there within 20-25 mins.
  • The only time our town is busy is over the summer and public holidays otherwise the rest of the year it's quiet and peaceful.

What are the great things about where you live?


Felicia said...

sounds like my kind of place. In fact my hometown is sort of as you describe only I'm not 5 minutes from the beach.

beautiful image.

Amy said...

thanks Felicia for your comment. the photo was taken with my phone camera :-)

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