Sunday, 1 October 2017

Cherry blossoms on 17th Ave

On my day off yesterday I drove my car to our trusted mechanic so it could get it's usual yearly warranty check completed. After having at least 45 minutes to spare I decided to walk from 11th Ave up to 17th Ave.

Very good exercise too! I was originally going to try and walk further up to Greerton as the cherry blossoms are flowering out there at the moment but knew it would probably take longer to get there on foot.

On the way I spied some trees in bloom along 17th Ave and took some photos of them in their pink finery. And down the opposite end of the street was Tauranga's historic village.  Quite alot of walking was done in all but by the time I got back and chatted with the mechanic I was dismayed to learn that the front shock absorbers in my car need replacing at a hefty cost. Thankfully I have a very handy other half who can replace when for me so that I can take the car back for it's warranty to pass :-)


  1. Wow! Spring is looking good.

  2. I haven't seen any cherry blossoms in NZ before. I guess I didn't know where to look.

  3. your spring is bursting out all over.

  4. I know Greerton well. I have friends there. However I have never seen Tauranga's Historic Street. In fact I didn't know it existed. Given that I've visited other historic sites in the city and surrounds I'm almost shocked that I didn't know about this. I do hope that I get another opportunity to investigate.

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