Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Spring at McLaren Falls Park

The other half has recently purchased a drone and on Sunday we drove around McLaren Falls Park trying to find somewhere he could test it's flying abilities.

We stopped at 2 spots but the areas were a bit exposed to the wind and the poor old drone was knocked to the ground where we found one of the propellers had come loose.

Along the way I got out of the car and went for a walk into one of the parks there, crossed a bridge over a small stream and found this area full of blooming Daffodils. Lovely to finally see evidence of Spring :-)


  1. Spring has definitely arrived. Nothing better than seeing those gorgeous daffodils in flower.

  2. That is a pretty park. Happy Spring

  3. nice, i love it when spring flowers finally bloom after a long winter :))

  4. Lovely shots of a lovely looking place. We're into autumn here, won't be seeing daffs until March-ish. A drone would be great fun, I think - and so useful for a travel website...

  5. The daffodil is lovely. Does the drone have a camera? :)

    1. no it doesn't, but he's bought a go pro and is somehow going to attach it to the drone.

  6. I love the McLaren falls park. I managed some beautiful autumn photos there last year.

  7. i love it when spring flowers finally bloom after a long winter :))

    แตกใน xxx



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