Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Okere Falls myth...

A while back on the way to Rotorua one weekend we stopped off at Okere Falls, a very popular spot for kayaking and rafting.

We enjoyed the bushwalk which was approx 20 minutes long on a very level path through native bush and came to a flight of stairs with a vantage point to look over the fast moving river.

At the bottom of the stairs was this cave which has been sealed off, we couldn't see any native Wetas as the sign suggested there could be but legend has it that a local tribe was being raided one day long ago by another tribe and the women and children climbed down the cliff face and hid in here until it was safe to come out.

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  1. Very impressive waterfall in that first photo.

  2. I like the white water in your first photo. The cave looks very mysterious.


  3. Hello, I loved the pictures.
    Nice to meet your blog.

  4. Beautiful place, wonderful waterfall and that cave would make a good hiding place I'm sure. I read the link about the insects -- most interesting. (I hope there was no snow and ice on those stairs when you climbed them.)

  5. Nice waterfall photo! I like hikes like these. #OurWorldTuesday



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