Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Ohiwa Harbour Oysters

What a treat we had in the weekend! Our road trip also included a stop off at this place - Ohiwa Oyster Farm just out of Whakatane.

I am a major seafood nut so we stopped and bought a dozen for the awesome price of $12 which we thought was pretty reasonable.

It was such a rainy stormy overcast windy day so once we got home it was so delish to be able to enjoy the oysters.

Linking up with Wednesday around the world :-)


  1. That sounds perfect to me. I love having oysters with a glass of champagne.

  2. My grandfather ate, or rather slipped down his throat, oysters raw and dipped in beaten egg. I've never been able to eat one after seeing that.

    1. ok I can't imagine dipping oysters in beaten egg but I do like them raw, the other half likes his fried in batter.

  3. I do love seafood but oysters never appealed to me. Looks like a rainy day.



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