Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ice and frost all around in Reporoa

Early this morning before 9am this was the scene that greeted us in Reporoa, a small town an hour or so away, this is where it starts to get really cold.

It was minus 3 degrees celsius outside and as we drove we had to be careful and look out for ice on the road.

At one point we got out to take photos of the scenery, we literally never get ice or frost where we live near the beach so this was new to us.

This farm, in the middle of the countryside had a large plane on the property, totally unused...why? who knows, bit of a strange thing though...

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  1. That must must be a real surprise when it is not the norm. At least your photos show that it still has it's moments of beauty.

  2. It must have been an exciting experience. The first photo is pretty eerie.

  3. lovely frosty pictures -- but I'd rather see frost on your blog than experience it myself. Don't forget to wear your mittens when you go taking pictures in that weather ;>)))

  4. Quite cold down there. I like the frost photos, particularly the frost on the fence wire and batten.

  5. Nice frosty photos, that is something we rarely see here. Use to live in Alaska and this scene was very familiar but you were always ready for it.
    Enjoy your week Amy.

  6. Love the contrast in seasons from halfway around the world! It's hot as can be around here, and your frosty photos are a nice way to think cool!

  7. looks like your winter has arrived.



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