Friday, June 23, 2017

Stormy skies for us right now...

We have at least 3 days of cruddy Winter weather here right now so before it started to turn nasty I got out for one of my walks on Wednesday morning and took this photo of the gray sky with sun trying to peek through the clouds.  True hibernating time I think...

Linking up with Skywatch Friday :-)


  1. Amy whilst most of the UK has been 'basking' in temperatures in the high 20s and 30s this evening it's 12 ℃ here on Lewis and raining with gale force winds predicted. What is happening?

  2. It's been rainy and windy up Auckland way but 15 overnight. I think I prefer colder but drier right now.

  3. Beautiful shot! Good luck with the coming weather.

  4. Even cruddy weather has it's moments of beauty. Thanks to the sun trying to break it's way through you capture that beauty.

  5. Lovely shot. I haven't heard the term 'cruddy' for years!



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