Friday, June 16, 2017

Hamilton Gardens - Victorian Flowers

Sooo right now it's been bitterly cold, the wind chill has me wrapped up in winter jerseys, my favourite scarf and beanie so I thought I'd share some photos of a wedding we attended over a year the Summer of 2015. 

These photos were taken at Hamilton Gardens - in the Victorian Flower Garden to be exact. It was one of those humid sticky roasting Summer days we sometimes get.

Hamilton Gardens is a huge area consisting of over 54 acres of public gardens for the public to visit and enjoy. It was first started in the 1960s and was originally a rubbish dump covered in blackberries.

The wedding itself was held inside the actual Victorian greenhouse so there was loads of pretty colours to be amongst.

Outside though there is a lily pond, specimen trees, lawns, formal gardens and curved walks.

In the meantime I'll be wrapping up warmly here and dreaming of slightly warmer weather.

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  1. What a pretty spot!! Beautiful photos, and nice to pull out summer shots when the weather is cold!!

  2. Although I lived six months of the year in NZ for 10 years I have never been there in June and I still find it strange when people (in North Island) talk about the bitter cold when the temperature is so often the same as it is here in The Outer Hebrides in June. (Of course I'm not implying that it's the same with you now because it's a balmy 13 ℃ here 5 days from midsummer).

  3. A wonderful place, fantastic photos!
    Greeting from Ireland.

  4. Gorgeous shots of the very beautiful gardens ~ nice sky too ~ ^_^

  5. Beautiful pond and flowers.

  6. Lovely gardens and flowers. I think I'd stay in the greenhouse until spring.

  7. Oh, I envy you your cooler weather... it's getting too hot and humid here now!

  8. Really lovely photos! I like all the colors in the flowers. Have a great weekend. cheers

  9. wow, such a beautiful garden. Love the flowers and the little "pond"



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