Thursday, April 6, 2017

Stormy skies over Ohinemutu Cemetery

Last weekend on our road trip through Rotorua we stopped at the Ohinemutu Cemetery - a very respected resting place for soldiers who served in the 28th (Maori) Battalion during the 2nd World War. Such a peaceful spot but I was disappointed to see the shores of the lake polluted with rubbish  here and there - sad that people can't dispose of their leftovers the right way.

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  1. beautiful resting place. People have no respect

  2. beautiful place of honor. I'm sorry about the disrespectful slobs ... sadly, those kind are everywhere.

  3. Indeed a pretty spot and great photo. Sorry to hear about the litterbugs.

  4. Nice photo of a worthy monument. Leaving trash is kind of a worldwide thing I am afraid. My dad was a forest ranger and woe to any of us kids who littered.

  5. My pet peeve too when people litter.

  6. A great photo of a beautiful place, Amy. It seems that a bag to pick up rubbish is a necessary part of every walk these days, no matter where you go. So annoying!

    1. New Zealand is my favorite country to travel to. Really? Some people still do littering?



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