Thursday, January 12, 2017

Late afternoon summer skies

I'm hankering for the holidays again...we went back to work on Monday and I think my body is still trying to get use to having to get up at 6am 5 mornings a week. Anyway last week when we were relaxing at the beach on our deckchairs one afternoon I snapped this photo of the skies behind us. It's been so hot here that the sun doesn't disappear until 8pm. Not looking forward to the end of Summer...

Linking up with Skywatch Friday again this week :-)


  1. Been wanting a vacation since Christmas.

  2. Pretty shot. I like those little sun flares!

  3. Very pretty shot. I popped over here from Skywatch Friday. Greetings Jo (South Africa)

  4. Hello, pretty view of the sky. Lovely shot. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!



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