Sunday, July 24, 2016

Seaweed, shells and scenery at Maketu Beach

Last weekend we drove out to Maketu Beach, about 30 minutes from here. A previous post from a week ago showed a photo of the local historical church but in these shots I decided to focus on not just the beach but also two things I like the most....shells and seaweed. Just the shapes, colours and textures interest me - there are so many varieties of both.

On another note, things have been really quiet this week without my daughter but she did get to go to her senior school ball with her friends. Her photos show a very happy girl so that I am pleased about :-)

Hope your coming week is positive...


  1. Glad your daughters happy. Lovely shots.

  2. Would love to spend time looking at some of those shells.

  3. Oh magnificent beach photos and all its gems ~

    Happy Daze to you ~ ^_^

  4. I love to find these things on the beach too -- and I love a quiet beach as this one looks (not a lot of people suntanning, but I guess that figures since it is your winter -- I would like that better!)

  5. Great photos of all the bits and pieces along the beach. I always think shells and seaweed make the beach much more interesting.



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