Thursday, June 30, 2016

Those dreary Winter days

This morning we finally got to see some sky, even though it was overcast it's better than those black rainy days we've had for the last week or so. If you look in the distance you'll be able to see fog rolling in over the hills.

The Strand along Tauranga's waterfront was lit up when I got there around 7.30am - the ground is so wet and saturated that even a bit of sun would help dry up the moisture.

This guy had the right idea, he was enjoying a coffee and reading a newspaper in a coffee shop on the corner. Hope your week has been more interesting than mine, sadly there's not alot of colour right now...


  1. My peninsula world is cold and grey too. Just the occasional peek of sunlight means I dive out with my camera.

  2. Somehow you managed to find some beauty in the gloom.

  3. The Pacific Coast of Oregon and Washington is rainy and chilly in the Winter so (in our previous life) we've spent many days like yours. And in coffee shops like the one you show. I don't know if Starbucks Coffee shops have made it to your area, but they are all over the world now -- the chain started in Seattle -- just the perfect place to hang out on gray winter days.



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