Saturday, 24 January 2015

Reflections on the Hoteo River - Kaipara Coast

Once in a while the teens and I go on roadtrips - this one was when we randomly drove down State Highway 16, off the beaten track from Wellsford through to Helensville. We stopped off at the Hoteo River and watched a couple of people walking in the low tide with their fishing gear. It was a clear Spring day with a chill in the air. People travel this way to avoid the main highway with all the busy traffic.

For more weekend reflections click here :-)


  1. Enjoy those road trips, once they hit 'later' teens, the don't want to go. This looks like a really peaceful place to stop and enjoy.

    1. hi Wayne, yes you're right, my teens are 16 and 14 and they are just going through that stage now where they don't want to go out, this photo was taken bout a year ago in Spring so there was hardly anyone around. thanks for your comment :-)

  2. That's a beautiful reflection you've captured.

  3. I always loved road trips with our son, there is something about a car where the conversation flows even more than usual. You got a pretty shot of the bridge there, lovely reflection.

  4. Beautiful. Bridge. Wonderful reflections. Have a great weekend

  5. What a lovely summery shot! The best shots seem to be on the unscheduled trips.

  6. I love a good road trip, especially a spontaneous one! It's great that your teens still want to go with you!

  7. what a lovely day to go on a roadtrip. lovely lines and beautiful reflection. well done Amy.



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