Sunday, November 16, 2014 the corners of my mind

This is the view we use to see near our old house we lived in just over a year ago. Sadly recently the house burned down and it's unknown what caused the fire. Isn't it funny....when you live in a house all sorts of memories are created. When my marriage broke up 4 years ago we moved here and it allowed the kids and I to start a wonderful healing process. After my oldest son moving back home we had to look for a larger place to live and when I heard about it burning down it was sort of sad.

This is the part of the estuary here that we use to spend alot of time at when we lived there. One night after work I saw this awesome sunset from the end of the driveway and quickly raced to the end of the street, down the stairs that lead to the beach and had an impromptu little photoshoot. Good times...I hope wherever you live you are enjoying it and creating happy memories too :-)


  1. A lovely spot. That last shot is amazing, I think I would hang it on my wall. :)

    1. thank you, I'd love to get some more of my photos printed onto canvas, it's not cheap though...

  2. it is a really beautiful sunset. I'm sorry about your former house burning down and of course it would evoke a lot of memories.



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