Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday around the world - Thoughts of Queenstown

Last June we were fortunate enough to visit the lovely Queenstown in NZ's South Island. We don't get snow up where we live in the North Island so we were hoping we would see some during our 3 day trip. This photo above is the view we saw from the rented house we stayed in. Very pretty isnt it?

We drove out to Arrowtown and explored the historic area and enjoyed the pretty late winter/early autumn colours.

Something we did was sat in the gondola and went up to the top of the mountain. This is the view out over the area - the restaurant is in the right of the picture. Bet they get an awesome view from there.

And on the last morning it did indeed snow. My two teenagers were impressed and before we left to come home we spent some time having fun making snowballs and feeling it crunch under our feet.

We totally love this part of NZ and are looking forward to going back there at some point.
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  1. Great photos of Queenstown - it is a very pretty place and I especially like the last photo with the new snow on the mountains.

  2. gorgeous images Amy. I love that last one...its fabulous.

  3. I haven't made it to that part of the country yet, but thanks for letting me know that they have autumn colors!

    1. oh yes they definitely have some beautiful colours going on down there Betty, you would love it there :-)

  4. Your mountain view is breathtaking, Amy!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Two people - same idea! ;-)
    Thanks for your comment you wrote two minutes ago... ;-))

  6. Wow! Beautiful place, colors and pictures!!

  7. Looks very pretty! And the landscape is unusual from my idea of the area.
    Yes, it is quite some way from Stavanger.

  8. The colors were perfect compliments in the first shot, what a lovely view! I enjoyed seeing your photos through your lens.

  9. Now you are making mee so nostalgic as i remember those areas very well, though in green. We also took a day to Arrowtown and had a 2-hr hike you call there tramping. The landscape and vegetation on that hike is really spectacular. I still haven't posted my experiences in the blog, but i already posted my shots in FB. How so lovely to see the place in different months. My sister lives in Auckland and she just took me there coz she knows i love wonderful landscapes, and of course we went to Milford Sound.



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