Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mangawhai Markets - every Saturday morning!

There's a regular event that happens here in Mangawhai every Saturday morning - the markets are a great way for local farmers and businesses to sell their wares and fresh produce. Plants, herbs and natives are the specialty of the lady above.

Books for sale and lots of them!  

Fresh fruit & veges!

I think these were either soaps or bath bombs - not sure but they did smell lovely and scented. There are lots more things sold here, the photos I'm sharing are just snippets. I recently found out that inside the hall a local baker sell fresh sourdough bread and other types of bread he makes. I'll have to check whether he also makes gluten free bread - that would be up my alley!


  1. yes it is, thank you for your comment :-)

  2. I've been to that market and enjoyed it very much. Can't remember it being this big, though. Fine pictures of a sunny morning!



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