Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Time for a coffee from Tay Street

Finally some sunshine here! Last week I spotted this lady in the morning warmth sitting on a picnic bench with her coffee enjoying the view of the beach and horizon. Looks like a good spot to sit and think...

Nearby is the Tay Street Cafe, very local to us and apparently has a good name for making good coffee and food. We haven't been there yet but as you can see from the building the cafe is at the bottom next to a hairdresser's and above are some apartments which overlook the beach. I'd say they definitely have a good view wouldn't you?

I've seen alot of posts about Halloween, I could post about it but unfortunately here in NZ it's not as popular as it is in other countries around the world. We had dress up day yesterday at work and people seemed to enjoy it - we had no trick or treaters here but mind you we live in an apartment block next door to mostly retired people so not many families in this area.


  1. She's taking in the view on a lovely day. The building with the coffee shop looks pretty new, I like the way it looks.

  2. That's a lovely shot of someone contemplating the day.

  3. I really like the composition of . the first photo. I wonder where that ship is going?

  4. That looks like a fine place to have a coffee

  5. I bet those apartments are a perfect place to live especially on a warm, sunny day.

  6. I'm always up for a good cup of coffee.



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