Monday, 6 November 2017

Huhurua Park

Yesterday on a quiet day off we drove out to Huhurua Park, about half an hour out of Tauranga so the other half could fly his drone, as it turned out his battery for it wasn't charged so I walked around the grounds with my camera anyway.

Apparently on the site there use to be a Maori Pa, although there wasn't any direct evidence of such as the ruins are probably long gone there is still these carvings which have been placed there to show what was once there. 

The view from the edge of the cliff over Omokoroa and Plummer's Point show the tide out in the harbour and the flame tree on the right adds some vibrant colour.


  1. Nice photos Amy. I like the Moari sculpture.

  2. I like the last photo with the flashes of red.

  3. You found some beautiful things to photograph!

  4. There's something about that last shot that I really love!

  5. I do enjoy the Maori wood carving.

  6. Wonderful day trip (at least for the one of you whose toy was charged!)...sure glad you had your camera. And now you have a reason to go back again for some more pictures! Love the ocean view with the flame tree! And I enjoy seeing and learning about Maori culture.



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