Friday, July 28, 2017

Pikowai Beach - very cold and desolate

On the east coast out of town lies the small tiny area of Pikowai Beach, we stopped for a breather and got out to take some photos.

I think this sign might've been left over from Summer because in Winter there isn't alot of fire danger due to the ground being so wet and damp.

A very isolated beach, bearing in mind it's winter here right now and in summer it's probably very popular with beachgoers.

The only sign of life we could see walking back from the sand to the car were a few tents and campavans parked at the camp ground but apart from that we were the only ones.

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  1. I like empty or near empty beaches but I have to go really early in the morning or at dusk or evening. Beaches in Florida are popular all year.

  2. It certainly feels that way under those skies.

  3. Love that third shot... churning seas and moody skies! Beautiful!!

  4. This photo brought back memories of the very intense movie I saw last Sunday - Dunkirk. It must be really chilly out ther on the windswept beach

  5. Awesome series of photos. The beach is still pretty with the dramatic sky.
    Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  6. Call me weird, but I love cold and desolate beaches. I love going to the beaches here in the winter time when the cold air whips your senses off your face.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  7. Those isolated beaches are calling me.



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