Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Relaxation is in...

Some people like to do Pilates in their spare time, others like these ones at Robbins Park Rose Gardens here in Tauranga seem to be quite happy doing Tai-Chi. Personally I prefer to walk and do Yoga at home to relax my body and mind. What helps you to relax?

Linking up with Wednesday around the world today :-)


  1. A good cup of coffee on a sunny deck relaxes me.

  2. That seems like a pleasant way to wind down, especially near the water. I swim and get outside and take photos.

  3. I love to walk in the countryside on my own. I find that is a good way to wind down.

  4. Listening to music and walking are both favourite forms of relaxation, but I don't do enough of either at the moment. A form of relaxation I enjoy too much is beer... :-)

  5. I like hiking... but only with a friend.

    That's such a great spot for tai chi --right by the water. :)



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