Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Motorbikes with Mount Fish and Chips

Sometimes we walk through the main shopping area to where we live and outside one of the shops was a line of motorbikes. It's really hard to find a decent fish and chip shop here in NZ and I've heard locally that this place is worth checking out.

Linking up with Wednesday around the world and Wordless Wednesday :-)


  1. I can never get enough motorcycles, I can tell the one in the center is a Moto Guzzi.

    1. thanks for that Wayne :-) I'm a bit of a harley fan myself.

  2. Interesting shot, it gives you a nice sense of place and looks so welcoming. Did you try it, how are their fish and chipsI? I don't think I've ever had good ones here and always thought there should be a shop that stays open after bar time with a food cart uptown and on campus.

  3. Lovely view to sit by and enjoy with your fish and chips!



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