Friday, December 23, 2016

Santa has landed at Trinity Wharf

Last weekend after I visited the Robbins Park Rose Gardens here in Tauranga I drove along the waterfront and this place, the Trinity Wharf Hotel caught my eye. Every year around this time they put upside down Santa legs on their roof - it's quite eye catching as cars pass over the harbour bridge in the distance.

The water in the harbour was also so calm and the day so lovely and hot that I couldnt' help but enjoy the scenery. Today though was the last day of the year for me at work and tomorrow we are travelling up north to see my family for Christmas day and onwards on a tiki tour further up north on boxing day. Merry Christmas everyone :-)

Linking up with Skywatch Fridays this week.


  1. Hope Santa isn't stuck, he's still got a good bit of work to do. Enjoy your family Christmas.

  2. that must have been a rough landing for Santa.

    Merry Christmas Amy.

  3. Santa may need some butter to make his slide down the chimney smoother.

  4. so, that is why I did not see Santa. He seems to be stuck. :)

    Happy New Year to you. :)



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