Monday, November 21, 2016

Bridge over the Kaituna River

Yesterday our Sunday drive consisted of something a little different....instead of sticking to the main highways, this time we drove around the little back roads and did a wee tiki tour. One place we ended up in was the Kaituna River and the bridge above it leads into nearby Papamoa.

Looked like there had been a number of hopeful graffiti artists down there trying to decorate the pillars and while we were there I got a quick moving shot of water skiers racing past enjoying the fast moving current of the river.

Linking up with Our World Tuesday ;-)


  1. Why is it that almost always there is graffiti under the bridge?

    I love that first shot... great colors!

  2. The river is wonderful ... I wondered what a tiki tour is??

    1. hey Sallie, a tiki tour is like a kiwi saying for going on a random drive through random places :-)



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