Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tauranga Busking Festival and other such sights

While out on our Sunday walk last weekend, I just had to stop and take photos of random things that interested me, as I usually do...sometimes it might be an iron gate or a view of the beach.  So herewith sharing things I spotted:

Echium Fastuosum - this lovely blue cone shaped flower loves growing in dry sandy poor conditions - it usually flowers of Spring or Summer and it's one of my favourite plants. It's so out there and proud/

Cherry Blossoms flowering in abundance - these ones are white but there are plenty of pink ones planted around Tauranga.

The Tauranga busking festival in the main street at Mount Maunganui - plenty of teenagers and youngsters out there trying to raise a bit of pocket money for themselves.

Such an array of sounds and different types of musical instruments - these ones above were using hollow plastic drums to create their beats.

What did you get up to last weekend?


  1. What a good idea to have a busking festival giving youngsters a chance to show off their talents.

  2. I always love when I see kids busking. Great shots.

  3. I love the idea of a busking festival -- what cute kids and what fun to stroll along and support kids doing something positive. That is quite an amazing flower -- your description is perfect.



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