Monday, June 13, 2016

Lunchtime - Seagull style

One of those days where I got out of work during lunchtime and ventured out along the waterfront with my leftovers from the night before. This guy, like all Seagulls thought he'd come and try and sneak some off me. I don't think so Buddy :-)

Another one for Our World Tuesdays :D


  1. He looks pretty patient in the photo, but I am guessing he was a bit more aggressive.

    1. hi Rhonda, actually this one was pretty good. This is a popular place for people to have lunch so I wasn't the only one there so he probably had quite a few bits and pieces left over when everyone went back to work :-)

  2. Hello, looks like a pretty spot to enjoy your lunch and the views. Cute gull.
    Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  3. How lovely to be able to take in some sun and breeze in your lunch break.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  4. this gull seem to think it owns the place, and maybe it does :)



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