Saturday, June 11, 2016

Historical iron railings at Te Puke Cemetery

It seems I have this obsession over old historical iron railings quite often seen in cemeteries around NZ. These ones were dotted around in Te Puke Cemetery when we visited in mid Autumn recently. I just love the creativeness of them - I wonder who made them and when? What is their story?

Is there anything you love to take photos of inparticular?


  1. it's so pretty. even though I like rust this one would look better in black.

  2. the fence seem to be painted with rust :) Beautiful in a certain way.

  3. I can see the obsession. Lovely gate.

  4. It is a form of art that I find very beautiful, especially the rust. I have a friend who does blacksmithing, so I appreciate the effort it takes to produce some of these items.

    1. even Blacksmithing is unique in itself, I think of how smithing was done centuries ago and I realize how clever and artistic some of them were :-)

  5. Beautiful pictures and close ups. Love the rusty crosses, nicely photographed.



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