Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pink Camellias - some bright Autumn colour

Every morning when I walk from my car to work I see this hedge and wondered what colour Camellias would flower, so nice to see some pink at this time of year when we usually see golds, reds, browns, yellows etc. Camellias normally flower from Autumn through the late Winter - I think this variety is called "Nicky Crisp".


  1. Hello, it is a cute name for the Camellias. The pink is a pretty color, lovely blooms. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. So pretty Amy. I always think of camellias as spring flowers (they used to be when we lived in Oregon). Is this a different variety or are they as confused as your daffodils were in your previous post? Confused or perfectly normal, either way they are some of the loveliest flowers EVER!

  3. wow - huge picture.
    How nice to have something so cheery right through the winter months

    joanna uk

  4. They are gorgeous, and how nice that they flower until winter!



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