Saturday, January 30, 2016

A farm scene worth remembering.....

Last weekend on our camping/wedding excursion to Hamilton, this was part of the view we saw from our caravan in the middle of the paddock. A farm tractor, cows in the background enjoying munching the grass - this is the sort of scenery I feel comfortable in. After living in a small rural town in Northland, NZ for 8 years this is something I'm use to....hope you have a great weekend :-)


  1. It looks a lot like a summer scene in rural Oklahoma. I would be okay with it also.

  2. It looks very peaceful. Nice shot.

  3. I love farms, especially the smells (even the unpleasant ones). I am fortunate enough to have a large cow farm less than one mile from my home. I can hear them mooing from my back yard.

  4. I like the picture very much! We grew up in wheat farming/ranching country in Eastern Washington State and lived there the first 13 years or so of our marriage; so that kind of country makes us feel at home too.



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