Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Boats and containers on Harbour Drive

On one of those moments driving to work last week I deviated from my normal route and took a side road down to Harbour drive, a nice scenic area overlooking water and in the distance there are shipping containers piled up at the Tauranga Port - this was only a side view of this area, the Port is much bigger and stretches for a much longer distance on the other side.

At least it was a sunny morning though - can't wait for summer! For more Wednesday around the world click here :-)


  1. I avoid the 'direct' route to work, but I don't have any diversion that is this nice.

  2. I am also impatiently waiting on summer to get here. I love the boat in the foreground. Too bad containers need to take up such beautiful landscape.

  3. Great shot.
    Hope you'll come join us at

  4. Sometimes it is so nice just to go a different way. A nice view.



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