Friday, 8 August 2014

Thoughts of summer - Sullivan's Bay

wow this place is stunning! This is Sullivan's bay in the Mahurangi Region of Auckland. When it is summer here in NZ the teens and I like to visit different beaches especially the ones that have floating pontoons out on the water - that way they get to swim out from the shore through the waves.

I remember the first time we visited this place was about 4 years ago while we were out driving. We stopped in at a local takeaways and bought wedges and ice cream then enjoyed them once we got out there. Such a lovely scenic view of the whole peninsula. Roll on summer - that way we can spend a day here again!


  1. It is beautiful. how neat someone put up a giant picture frame.

    1. hi Felicia, yes it is a beautiul beach, not sure who put up the giant picture frame but then again it is part of a regional park so probably it was the auckland council.



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