Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The wonders of stormy winter skies - Maungaturoto sunset

A few years ago I lived in another small town about 25 mins from here called Maungaturoto. Might be a bit of a tongue twister for some of you to say, however it is a Maori place name which broken down is: Maunga = mountain, tu=to stand, roto=lake.

Anyway many mornings and evenings we had the most amazing skies from orange to pink to red - just stunning. This one was taken about 6 years ago on a cold chilly winter's night from my driveway. The two large trees use to stand in my backyard but they were awful - when they dropped their leaves they also dropped sticky budded flowers so we ended up chopping them down. The middle tree though is a native Cabbage Tree so we had to keep that but I just love the colours in this photo - hope you do too!

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