Sunday, August 3, 2014

Northland has more rain so we're enjoying a lazy Sunday

There's not alot you can do in the rain here in Northland. Most winter days are spent keeping warm on cold frosty nights while enjoying mild sunny days - but this year has been different. We've had so much rain that we've had major road slips, ok so we had a break last week but it wasn't enough for conditions to dry out. When I'm out walking Tia I take her on a verge of grass down the end of a neighbouring road and that was still boggy under my feet.

Today yet again we have rain, the only positive thing is that it's filling up my watertank outside. You see, we aren't connected by the main water line that most people have. Everyone in small towns has a concrete or hard plastic tank in their yard and we rely on the rain to fill it up throughout the year. Once in a while when someone runs out we just call a local water delivery company.

That's my deck outside, backyard and my neighbours two water tanks inside of his fence.

My potted succulents haven't stopped growing with all the rain but sooner or later they're going to want to dry out.

This is my plan for the day - reading "Tudors" by one of my favourite authors Peter Ackroyd.

Tia has the right idea - she's hibernating under a blanket. Hopefully you're enjoying your Sunday too - would love to hear what you're up to today :-)


  1. Finally I've found a blogger from around here! This rain is getting a tad boring though, don't you think? I think Tia has an excellent way to spend her lazy Sunday - it would be great to do that too once in a while :)

  2. Well here in Pennsylvania,'s still Saturday night. I had to work today. doesn't happen every Saturday but sometimes.

    It must be difficult sometimes not to have town water. You could also look on the bright side the rain would be snow if it was cold enough.

    enjoy your book Amy.

  3. hi Kayger, thanks for your comment, always good to meet other kiwis who are blogging :-)
    Felicia - it's awesome not having town water, our water is pure rain water, no chemicals or additives :-)

  4. Agreed, I love our tank water. There's nothing worse than drinking water from the town supply - especially when you're not used to it!



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