Friday, July 25, 2014

Winter hibernation list...

Swiped from: A little bit country...

Making:  A tidy house.
Cooking: Roast chicken & vegetables (Kumara, Potatoes, Carrots) thanks to the olive oil my sister gave me.
Drinking: A cup of tea.
Reading: blogs on my favourites list.
Wanting: A nice cold whiskey with L & P.
Looking: my dog under a blanket on the couch.
Playing: throwing toys around the lounge for my jack Russell dog Tia
Deciding: on whether to clean my windows tomorrow or not.
Wishing: I could handle late nights more - unfortunately I'm usually in bed by 10pm .
Enjoying: the DVD/video player I was given.
Waiting: for a sunny day.
Liking: the people I work with - they are a neat bunch.
Wondering: what to do with the teens this weekend.
Loving:  how it's pay day next week.
Pondering: what design to get for my next tattoo.
Watching: Time Team on History Channel.
Hoping:  we aren't hit with another dose of the flu again.
Marveling: at how awesome my teenagers are.
Needing: to hibernate this weekend.
Smelling: dinner cooking in the oven.
Wearing: leggings, sweatshirt, socks and slippers.
Following: Mad Bush Farm - one of my favourites and also one of my besties.
Noticing: my hair needs a good trim.
Knowing: I have a spare container of Echinacea and garlic tablets in my pantry.
Thinking: I hope I don't need to use them in the near future.
Feeling: blessed.
Admiring: the freshly cut grass in my backyard.
Buying: a car registration today - pity it's so expensive!.
Getting: into more baking this weekend - have lunchboxes to fill next week.
Bookmarking: new blogs.
Opening: weird messages I receive on Facebook.
Giggling: at some of the conversations my teens have with each other.
Feeling: awesome!.

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