Friday, October 20, 2017

Time for a morning surf

This week I've been struck down with another Spring flu, seems like when you work in a job that deals with the public people come in all the time sick, coughing and sneezing so it's easy to get bugs.

In NZ this week it's going to be Labour Weekend. I have family coming down here from Northland for a visit so we're hoping to spend some sunny days outside at the beach.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Karangahake Gorge Cliffs

This is one of my favourite spots, about an hour or so out of Tauranga as I've posted before is the Karangahake Gorge a very historical place. The main highway has been carved out of the cliffs and on the left is the stream and waterfall that runs through. It's certainly a formidable place.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Looking out on Spring

As the sand dunes make way for the beach there are plenty of grasses, daisies and wildflowers growing in clumps. Yesterday while enjoying the sunshine I sat on the sand and looked out at the view - hardly any clouds, blue skies and plenty of colour. Looks like Spring to me!

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Friday, October 13, 2017

The LEDA Maersk is in port

Wednesday morning while out on my daily beach walk I saw there was a new container ship coming into town. This one, the LEDA Maersk (all the way from Denmark) was sailing fast past Rabbit Island, even seeing it in the distance it looks quite large.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The old Tauranga post office

A very interesting building this one. While I was on my way to an appointment in the city I walked past this building, the old Tauranga post office. Apparently according to some research the original structure on this site was made of wood and was meant to be used for farm training for the local Maori people but land wars broke out and it was used by the military as a hospital. After it was rebuilt in 1902 it burned down and an architect named John Campbell redesigned it in an Imperial Baroque style. For many years local residents visited the building when it became a post office on the lower floor and on the second floor housed a courtroom.

The post office moved out in 1938 and the courtroom found elsewhere to be. In 1987 when people thought it would be demolished in favour of new high rise buildings, the local council purchased the building in 1990 then resold it to a new owner with instructions that it be restored to appropriate conditions. Since then it has been restored and now accommodates 4 office areas. There is also a display area on the lower floor showcasing exhibits relating to the buildings history.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Days of Summer surfing...

Since NZ is going through Springtime at the moment, we've had more than enough rain to last us a long time. It's enough to make you feel a bit over it. To sum up my week we've had my daughter's best friend from school here, we dropped her off at the bus stop at 7.30 this morning so she could go back home up north to her family. Today, being my day off the housework is done and there's not alot to do except watch some movies. Until the weather improves I'm going to dream of warm days of Summer :-)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Poor little abandoned house...

On our last road trip through Rotorua, we drove through various parts of the city. This was one area the other half wanted to show me in a poorer section of town. An old state house from what looks like the 1960s/1970s era when it was fashionable for the government to build properties like this for families of a low social economic background. These days most of them are being torn down in favour of newer houses but unfortunately there are still alot of them that have been used to make/use drugs so they are unsafe and unhealthy to live in. This poor little abandoned house looks like it's been left in a big decaying state with broken windows and timber along with gang graffiti.

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