Birds, poppies and windows

Some updates from my week. These poppies were growing in a client's garden where they are self seeding.

 On Thursday while I was at another client's house I spotted this baby Thrush on her back deck, after shooing the dog away I gently moved the bird to another part of the garden where it hopped off on it's own.

And yesterday while out on my walk I saw one of our local shops has started to decorate their window in preparation for Christmas.

My post for Weekend Reflections and Tom's Weekend Roundup.


  1. ...Christmas merchandising starts earlier and earlier every year.

  2. New World was playing carols when we shopped this morning.

  3. All the years I lived in UK I only ever had a thrush in the garden once and it didn't stay long. Beautiful song. Mr B had a pet one as a child. It left when it became an adult but it brought its fledglings back and the whole family would sit on the windowsill to be fed. (F)

  4. What cute little bird, glad you moved it to a safer area.

  5. I too have noticed some retailers starting to get Christmassy. I guess it is not really that far away now.
    Glad you got to rescue the baby thrush.

  6. poor little baby trush. I hope it´s parents fount it :)

  7. Baby birds have a rough time. Here Hawks, Owls and Aligators eat them. Window reflections are always ready for us to enjoy.
    In December 2012 we cruised from Auckland to around the other side, leaving there for Tasmania. Every day we stopped to visit NZ as it was there.


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