Ready for fairies

When I was little, we lived in Auckland and my grandparents on dad's side lived in Epsom so we would visit them regularly. They were caretakers of the local college and they lived in an old house with a huge overgrown garden. When my older cousins on that side also visited they would tell me stories of fairies living in their mushroom houses and point things out to me. Funny how I believed it all - I had quite an imagination back then.

A few days ago I had this little thought to create a fairy garden in my backyard and funnily enough I visited a client who had a collection of bird's nests that she finds on her property, she gave me one to have and I knew what purpose it would have. So after buying a little ceramic teapot house, some tiny footprint pavers and a miniature hedgehog toy I set about creating - what do you think? I know my brother's little girl would love it.

Lately B and I have been discussing where we would live if we ever moved to Australia. His daughter lives in Perth and we both agreed on either there or Adelaide, they just seem like pretty places. But because we've had so many issues with our boat motor we've hardly been out fishing so he's now locked into a payment plan after purchasing a new motor. Guess if it happens it happens right? 

We have our country's general elections happening tonight and we will find out who will be our leader for the next 4 years, I can't wait until it will all be over. There's something about the sniping and finger pointing that irritates me.  I won't say who we voted for but we have also had 2 referendums to vote on. One being the euthanisia bill which for me should be about terminally ill people being able to choose whether they live or die but other factors have been bought into it. The other referendum is for people to be able to grow their own marijuana at home - this one for me is a bit of a gray area as we have already had a bill passed in April this year allowing people to get prescriptions for medical marijuana from doctors. We will see what eventuates...

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  1. Fairies are common here. A trail that we hike in another town has little painted doors placed on trees througout the trail. It even has a fairy mailbox. I always wonder if kids leave a letter in the box. All of the fairy doors were made and painted by kids.

  2. We await your results.. interesting that over half of your voters voted early..the final percentage voting should be at least respectable

  3. ...fairies are a fun part of life! I hope that your election is more orderly than ours. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. We await with interest your evaluation of the electoral outcome. We might be hoping for some of that fairy dust sprinkled over it all.

  5. Well when I wrote this Jacinda - sorry, the Labour Party - already had 49% of the vote and will, presumably, have a working majority of seats. The next three years will be interesting. I can imagine than any wee child would find your model enchanting.


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