It's been a long week

As I said earlier this week Monday for us was Queen's Birthday Weekend. After I got home from work the other half and I ventured out to meet up with one of his very old friends from the old days. We caught up at a local restaurant and had dinner plus drinks. One of my favourite fish to eat is Salmon so that's what I picked that night.

It's definitely been a long week though. My daughter has her cat back from her dad's as her dad isn't home much to look after her pet. Mr Cat is a female tabby and was originally thought to be a boy but upon a visit to the vet they found out she was a girl. It looks like she will settle down here nicely.


  1. This looks so healthy! We usually have white asparagus and I sadly don´t like it... (or are those neans? those I like :-)...)
    Aw, a cat, how wonderful!

  2. Tell me about it, I need a holiday to get over the holiday weekend, lol :)

  3. Salmon is my favourite also Amy, love it. Mr Cat who was a female tabby sounds familiar too 😉

  4. Your dinner looks delicious. I tend to favor salmon too but, when Dover sole is available, I'll vote for that.

  5. The food look delicious. Glad the cat will have company now and her attention needs will be met. :)

  6. It does sound like you were busy.

  7. Good to enjoy the company of friends over a delicious meal.

  8. Salmon, asparagus, and, is that mashed potatoes? Sign me. I might have to add the Queen’s Birthday to my list of holidays.

    Have a great week!


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