Sunday, 31 March 2019

We finally get rain!

I remember this day in September 2017. We still lived in Tauranga and we had travelled to Raglan hoping for the some fine weather. Instead it turned out to be quite a stormy Spring day. Spring and Autumn in NZ are very similar - we have the changeover in seasons which includes some spectacular storms and wind.

Right now we are in the beginning of gentle rains that gradually get more regular and steady. Many people here in rural areas are getting quite low in their water tanks. We are on town supply water so we don't have to worry much. Apparently ordering water here is quite expensive and can be up to $600 nzd for half a tank of water.

With Easter coming up our town is getting busier and busier. I found out last night that out of the 5 days a week I work, the 2 nights I work until 10.30pm will turn into 1 night at the end of April which I'm greatly relieved about. Usually by the end of the week I'm pretty shattered. My Sundays are my first day off each week so we will be spending it today relaxing.


  1. That's a lot for a 1/2 tank of water. I would hate to run out.

  2. It is good to get some rain isn't it. It has been nice and gentle here. The answer to your query on my blog was online from Awapuni but here they are available at the Warehouse and Bunnings.

  3. I remember the droughts from my childhood but every time I go back it seems to rain very frequently.
    Hope you get plenty of rain for everyone to fill their tanks.
    Working till wonder you're exhausted. Roll on earlier nights!

  4. Hopefully the rains replenish things nicely.

  5. I'm welcoming the rain. Maybe the large cracks in the soil will start to close up now.

    1. yes me too, I don't mind it really, we need it.

  6. We moan about the rainy weather but I dread to think where we would be without it.

  7. I hope you got a very relaxing day. I only work part time now which has been perfect for me. I still get to keep the brain active but I have a lot more free time.

  8. nice to have rain. Up here it is kind of strange. Waterlevel is still low since last year. And even if it rains the ground soaks it up emediately. So we have grassfire warnings now. :(


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