Tuesday, 8 January 2019

It's a fish's game

Yesterday we took the boat out on the water again and spent most of the day out there. Summer is the hardest time to catch anything decent because of all the people out there doing the same thing so when I came home with these 2 babies (estimated to be around 4-5 lbs) was very happy. The top one is a Tarakihi and the bottom one is a Snapper.

We like to use a mixture of pilchards, calamari and benito as bait. I also caught this baby shark at one point also called dogfish but it went straight back in the water.

The other half kept catching baby snapper including this small Gurnard which was very spiny.

And this one that we thought at first was an Orange Roughy but it turned out to be a Sea Perch. We moved around at least 5 different spots but every one was the same. A hard day to get anything decent but lots of fun. We are thinking that once we fillet my fish tonight perhaps smoking one and turning the other into some sort of yellow thai fish cake. What do you think?

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  1. Only fresh water fishing near me. Same results... sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

  2. I love fish cakes, never had thai though. Smoked fish is also yummy. We had lots of smoked salmon over the holidays.

  3. Admittedly not my idea of cuisine!

  4. What a great selection. My greek would put them head and all on the grill. Fish cakes sound wonderful to me . You do them well down there. The best I've ever tasted were Thai fish cakes whisked up by my kiwi s in law .
    Good eating

  5. Well done you! I love smoked fish and Thai fish cakes so you can take your pick so far as I'm concerned. I once caught a small dog fish and it ended up in the bottom of the boat (a 16' clinker with four of us on board). It managed to get it's teeth into something (I can't recall what) and we could not dislodge it. We couldn't risk it staying alive in case it decided to release and go for someone's foot. I think it's the hardest fish to kill I've ever known - even with the ebony rod we used.

  6. How wonderful! Snapper is my favorite, but so expensive here in the markets and also hard to find. Enjoy your catch.
    Connie :)

  7. Love a piece of fresh Snapper Amy, mind you fish cakes are pretty yummy too 🐠



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