Tuesday, 3 November 2015

So much Spring colour!

We are thoroughly enjoying late Spring here in NZ, loads of colourful flowers are showing their blooms off. The pansies at the top, the Petunias and the best thing of all...fresh Strawberries! Can't wait for more Summer fruit and colours.

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  1. Very lovely bounty of strawberries. I love pansies and petunias. I grow them every year but we are now heading into Winter. At least the sun came out today after heavy rain yesterday.

  2. I've never seen pansies that color before. That may become my favorite color of pansy.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  3. The flowers are beautiful and the strawberries look luscious!

  4. Absolutely beautiful. I went to Parnell Rose Gardens today to get my dose of flower color. The country is so lovely this time of year.

  5. Love the Pansy's. The berries look great, I want some for my breakfast

  6. I love Spring! Thanks for sharing yours as leaves begin to fall here. We will get strawberries in February if we are in Florida as planned... They won't be ready here in Oregon (or in most of the US until June.



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