Sunday, July 30, 2017

4 degrees here this morning...

Along with our sunny Winter days come very cold nights, this morning I got up briefly around 7.30am and upon checking my phone I saw that the temperature inside our apartment was 4 degrees celsius, I dread to think what it was outside - no doubt there was probably frost on the grass and ice on the cars. This news story confirms that so far it was the coldest night of the year.

At least when it rains its not so bad...

And there's plenty of colour still around such as this yellow/orange Kniphofia that was standing out near the beach.


  1. Lovely beach scene and floral photo and love the water drops ~ a bit chilly though ~ stay warm ~ ^_^

  2. Beautiful photos Amy. I love the desolate beach scene, it's so pretty. Nice flowers down near the beach, they really stand out.

    About your question re flowers: yes, my wife tells me that they are red geraniums at the end.

    Have a wonderful new week.

  3. Oh heavens! I never experienced weather that cold in HB although the winds got pretty chilly on occasion.

  4. Quite cold in Auckland too. 4 overnight outside.

  5. Wow here in Asian country while bearing forty plus temp it sounds reliving to hear about parts of land where winter is roaming around.
    your capturing is fabulous my friend!

  6. Brrr....I'd be shivering for sure. Great photos!

  7. Your winters are quite different from ours. That temperature would be mild here come February, and nearly unthinkable.

  8. Too cold ... but I'm a weather wimp who is happy to spend winters in Florida and avoid the cold as much as possible.

  9. 4 deg C indoors??? That is way too cold. Naybe you mean 14? But that is cold too. Love your beach :)

    1. yep 4 degrees is correct, 14 is more like spring here...



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