Monday, May 22, 2017

Hamurana Springs - Rotorua

Time for another trip, yesterday we drove nearly an hour out to Rotorua in search of things to see and do. This time we visited Hamurana Springs which is sort of like Blue Springs here in Tauranga.

Normally on a warmer day the trees would be green and no leaves on the ground but tis Autumn.

And the water would be crystal clear blue but we visited here on a very chilly day where the temperature got down to about 8 deg celsius and the wind chill was freezing.

So many colours and reflections over the water and all the ducks were huddled together in places.

In various parts there were bubbles where the Spring was pushing water to the surface from the ground.

The whole walk takes about an hour roughly around the full circle of the park. This part had a small lookout where we could see into one of the main Springs and down the river.

I took a short video of the main spring from the lookout we stood at 3/4 of the way around. There was a very fat trout fish swimming around nearby.

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  1. This place looks very nice. The water looks very clear.

  2. Oh nice Fall colors ... this place reminds me of one of our favorite places in Oregon to walk -- even the platform looking at one of the falls looks just like it!

  3. I was watching something on tv last night and the traveler was in Tauranga in search of special drink :) and I thought of you.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  4. Amy ~ beautiful nature shots of a lovely place ~ thanks,

    Happy Weekend ahead ~ ^_^

  5. Beautiful area to explore and love your photos.

  6. a place I would love to revisit. When you are on travel you never have time enough to experience it all.



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