Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fraser Road Presbyterian Church - Pokeno

Sometimes on our travels we try to stop at any old historical churches we see. On our road trip to Auckland last week we drove past this one on Fraser Road in Pokeno called the Presbyterian Church. Apparently it first opened in 1883 but is now someone's private residence - lucky them!

\And with the cemetery next door looking out onto the rolling countryside I bet they have the quietest neighbours.

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  1. Maybe a bit spooky at night for Me.

  2. There's something about cemeteries that is so peaceful...

  3. That's a very cute church. I'm not sure I'd want a graveyard next to my home, though.

  4. I actually love the NZ cemeteries, i saw at least 2. I walk around that in Auckland, and that for the Carmelite sisters. However i was in a hurry as it was just on the way to my real destination.



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