Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Those amazing summer sunsets

Around Northland in summer we get some spectacular scenery as the sun sets over the hills in the distance. This panorama is one I took a few nights ago from the deck outside - such humid hot nights we've had lately and this stunner reflects the beauty we see.

And this one above was one I snapped while walking along the estuary with my daughter. We had just been to visit friends who were up here camping over the weekend. As you can see there were lots of families, paddle boarders and boats.

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  1. I can't get over the view you have from your deck. And I'm beyond jealous that it's summer!

  2. What an amazing view! I'd love to visit NZ one day!

  3. I like sunsets! also the 2nd pano is amazing. I even can spot some seagulls in the grass.

  4. Yes, I wished I could be there .... to see this greatful view. Fantastic for Wednesday around the World.

  5. Your sunset is awesome--love the colors! Funny that I posted one today, too!

  6. What a lovely sky!



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