Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year from Pahi

A few days ago I had a much needed catch up and a chat with one of my besties...Liz over at Mad Bush Farm have known each other since our girls first became friends at primary school. Here are some shots from our day out:


If you're a coffee nutter like I am you'll know that you can't beat a good strong cup of it, the Village Cafe in Paparoa made us both an awesome one. The photo on the right is the back garden area which was decorated in mosaic tiles and various pieces of creative artwork.

After that we drove the 10 minutes out to Pahi beach on the Kaipara Coast. Above is a closeup of a yellow variety of Pohutukawa that we have here in NZ. Usually we have trees with red flowers all over the coastlines but I've never seen this colour before.

The old Pahi hotel which was originally built in 1897/1898 after the originally building burned down, apparently now it is privately owned.

The shore and wharf, on the opposite side is Whakapirau beach and the white building you can see is the old dairy company which is no longer in use.

All in all it was a great day, lots of photos being taken by both of us and we can't wait to catch up again :-)


  1. looks like wonderful scenery to share with a friend.

    1. yes it is felicia, if you ever come to NZ let me know...lots of places to explore here

  2. Always great to get together with a good friend. Enjoyed the pics and could just go for that cup of coffee :)

  3. You had my interest immediately with that beautiful cup of coffee. We are originally from the Pacific Northwest where everybody is a coffee nutter!

  4. And then I fell in love with your scenery and flowers ... A beautiful post. Happy new year, this was meant to all be one comment, but my IPad sometimes has a mind of its own and it sent before I was ready!

  5. Great shots from a great outing. Happy New Year, Amy!

  6. Happy New Year :)
    did you go out looking for your yellow Pohutukawa after seeing mine? :) a very nice shot
    looks like you had a nice day :)



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