Monday, September 1, 2014

Strelitzia - Birds of Paradise - funky plants and duck visitors

*sneeze* That's me with my sinuses which are suffering terribly at the moment. Worst times of year for me are Autumn and Spring - usually the two things that set it off are pine and privet trees. Some days it's like feeling as if my brain is fogged up and other times I just continually sniff.

However these Strelitzia aka "Birds of Paradise" are one plant that will not cause my nose havoc at all. They look pretty and very funky and make a nice display of colour when they're planted in clumps. Love them!

In the midst of our week we've noticed that we have a male and female duck coming to my back door for food most days. They're quite friendly and I give them leftover bread, the male seems to be standing by the female while she eats so I wonder if she's going to have babies soon. They make a nice change from the Pukekos, Seagulls, Sparrows and Crows we have here...


  1. hope your sinus gets better soon
    I remember how much my father suffered despite nose sprays etc

    GREAT Bird of Paradise plants
    yours? or are you like me and take better photos lol

    how cute hope there are little ducklings soon :)

  2. thanks Jen, sinuses are better today. I did take the bird of paradise photo and yes hopefully we see ducklings soon :-)

    1. i know you took the photos
      Is the plant in your garden or someone else's?

    2. hi Jen, i wish these were in my garden but there are alot of them around mangawhai in peoples gardens. they're very pretty aren't they?

  3. I love those blooms, too! I don't know if you have water close by but having little ducklings around are so cute! Well, we thought the first ones on our fish pond (at another house) were cute, too, then the next year we had about 80 little ones swimming for the first time in our pond. The adults and juveniles would peck on the door for food! It was fun but a bit messy.

    1. we do have lots of water around - streams etc but I worry for the babies cos there's lots of wandering dogs around here so hope they keep safe...

  4. That bird of paradise is a funky looking flower, even so its pretty.

    my sinus's get wacky in the fall and spring too. our fall closing in now.



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