Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wednesday around the world - Summer at Mangawhai Surf Beach

These days here in Mangawhai we've had the odd sunny day but mostly dreary wind and rain. It's enough to make you go on holiday to Fiji or Rarotonga. Thankfully I have oodles of images from last Summer saved on my phone and laptop. This one above is from one of my long walks on our local surf beach, no more than 5 mins from where we live. A massive log had washed up around by the rocks and I found it too tempting to pass up taking a photo especially on such a calm sunny hot day.

This one is in honour of our country's surf life guards. Right through summer we see them patrolling the beaches around NZ keeping an eye out for swimmers in trouble, sharks and any other disturbances. They are purely volunteers and i'm definitely of the opinion they are worth their weight in gold and being paid for what they do.

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  1. I love that beach shot. The lava rocks are quite predominant and make the photo very unique. Even though I don't swim in the cold, cold ocean, I do appreciate the work of the rescue guys and gals.

    1. hi Betty, yes the rescue peeps are awesome aren't they?

  2. Good morning / good evening (?) Amy,
    thanks a lot for your comment. I like beaches with a mix of rocks and sand. Unfortunately this is not what we have very often in Germany. All the best from the other side of our beautiful planet,

  3. This looks like a beautiful coast line... what a stunning place to live


  4. What a beautiful spot. 5 min from where you live? That's wonderful!

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