Sunday, 24 August 2014

Time for a Spring clean, declutter and good coffee!

We really have had some warm Spring weather over the last few days, perfect for having a good clean and declutter. One thing that bothers me is that the condensation on windows around our house over window tends to form black spotty mould which i'm sure isn't good to breath in. Today we cleaned every single window frame, window, threw out loads of rubbish, cleaned kitchen cupboards and surfaces, re-arranged bedroom furniture and it was a good chance for me to go through the spare room where my oldest son (who is flatting) has some of his bits and pieces stored. 

After visiting my parents I picked some cuttings off two of their Geranium plants and and Icicle plant which are now in water waiting to grow roots.  So nice to see a set of pink Pinocchio Tulip bulbs flowering in one of my plant pots - guess the sunshine agrees with them too :-)

Now I'm enjoying a nice cup of coffee and watching the rugby league - NZ Warriors vs Sydney City Roosters. Back to work tomorrow though.

Would love to hear how your weekend is going too :-)


  1. Good weekend for a cleanup, I concentrated on the outside today. Love the tulip, mine are a bit behind yours, but I'm looking forward to seeing them.

    1. I still have another plant pot of Tulips to go yet but hopefully they won't be too far off. Love Spring :-)



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