Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Winter is here but there's still plenty of colour!

Another storm swept through here over the weekend swamping already soggy regions around Northland. Seems we got a respite Sunday morning because I was able to get out for a walk to the surf beach. On the way it was nice to see some colour in the form of this purple Hebe in someone's garden.

This one is Mangawhai estuary viewed from Wintle Street - stormy skies still but the water looking much calmer than it probably had been the night before. Think we definitely need some sun to dry out the land here.


  1. I love the hebe, it's a flash of great color! I sure hope you get to dry out soon!

  2. thanks Betty! apparently there's more rain forecast for northland so we might be a bit wetter for a bit longer...



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